"Concentric Concentration"
Woodcut on muslin 48”x 48”

"Seasonal Return"
Woodcut 22”x 22”

"Five Signs"
Woodcut 22”x 30”

Woodcut 9”x 12”

Woodcut 8”x 12”

Linocut, Chine-Colle 22”x 22”

"Rooted In Cycles"
Reduction Woodcut 8”x 11.5”

"Time As A Combustible Element"
Silkscreen 11”x 15”

"Ode To Flight"
Woodcut 8”x 12”

"Ode To Flight"
Silkscreen 8”x 12”

"Seven Solar Divinities"
Silkscreen 11”x 15”

"Man In Hand"
Reduction Woodcut 5”x 8”

Woodcut 6”x 9”

"Cross Section"
Hand tinted Blind Embossing 9”x 15”